Public Speaking

Dr. Curtis is an established, dynamic, and popular speaker. She is known for her ability to take complex healthcare issues and ‘translate’ them into understandable but factually correct concepts for any audience, regardless of their background. She has been publicly speaking for over 15 years and is comfortable with any sized audience. Her years of teaching and use of didactic and hands-on approaches have helped her develop a wide repertoire of speaking skills and effective presentation skills that keep audiences engaged.

She presents on a wide variety of topics relating to women’s health issues, including general gynecology, obstetrics, breast cancer, menopause and sexuality. In addition, she speaks to a wide host of primary care issues, e.g., immunizations, prevention screenings, and social issues such as gender-based violence and the politics of policy in women’s health. Her audiences include health and medical professionals, other professionals such as law enforcement and lawyers, students, and the general public.

Dr. Curtis has received media training, and has experience with television interviews. She is frequently called by reporters to comment on news stories or topics of interest for a variety of media outlets, including Reuters News Service, Self magazine, and Prevention magazine, to name a few.


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